LE Polish ~ PPU Nov. ’18

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Can you believe it is almost November??? I feel like this entire year flew by! The great thing about this is that November PPU is coming!! This months theme is Bad Ass Women 🙂 LE Polish has chosen 2 ladies for her inspiration; Rachel Carson & Joni Mitchell. Here is why Allison chose these women. “Rachel Carson is the mother of the environmental movement and was influential in the founding of the EPA. (Some of you may know I’m an environmental engineer by day.) I plan to call it Farmer, Farmer Put Away Your DDT, which is a lyric from Joni Mitchell’s song, Big Yellow Taxi. I’m a huge folk music fan and Joni Mitchell’s songs have always been there for me when I’ve needed them. Both of these bad ass women have influenced my life in very different but very important ways.”


Farmer, Farmer Put Away Your DDT is a green-grey crelly full of gold to green shifting duochrome shimmer. FFPAYDDT is sexy. It has this velvety quality that is just stunning. This will be good to use all year but especially with the upcoming holidays! I used 2 buttery coats plus glossy and matte top coats for my swatches.


with flash
shifty macro
matte macro
matte shifty macro
with art

Doesn’t it feel so royal? I feel like I am talking about a purple lol. But seriously, this polish has that high-class feeling to it ❤ Polish Pickup will be open November 2nd – 5th! FFPAYDDT will be $11.50 USD and there will not be a cap (: Start making your mental lists now! Have a fantastic Friday y’all ❤


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Moonflower Polish ~ Spring Holos

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Hello Lovelies ❤ It’s the weekend!! Any plans? I am at the in laws dog sitting 🙂 I love it so much. They have a boxer named Brisco and I swear he is my best friend<3<3<3 The in laws are on their way to pick up a new baby boxer right now! So excited 🙂 I am also really excited to bring you these new stamping polishes from Nadia at Moonflower Polish! I am still obsessing over the formula of these polishes! There is 4 iridescent, duochromey, holo jellies in this set. Let’s get to them 🙂

First things first, formula. AMAZING! These are 2-3 coat polishes but most worked for me with just 2! Which I think says a lot because I polish my coats very thin! You can’t even tell that its a jelly base really. It is super smooth and opaque. Not solid, but not sheer. And of course they are made to stamp. They do perfectly ❤ “For stamping, the effect should be a shimmery glow over a dark base or a bright pastel over lighter bases. If used as regular polish, 1 coat over black will enhance the duochrome shifts.”  Ok seriously this time….

First polish is Amapola. “Reddish jelly holographic base that shifts red-pink-orange. Amapola means hibiscus in Spanish.” This color is so different. It’s like a rusty, rosey, reddish-pink. This one was the sheerest. I used 3 thin coats plus top coat.

bottle macro


with flash
stamping macro

Next is this fantastic blue! “Crepúsculo – blue jelly holographic base with a purple-blue-teal shift. Crepúsculo means twilight in Spanish.” I used 2 buttery coats and top coat.

bottle macro


with flash
stamping macro

I think this next one will be a favorite. Everyone loves a good purple. “Mariposa – purple jelly holographic base that shifts purple-silver-blue shift. Mariposa means butterfly in Spanish.” This one was also 2 thin perfect coats with top coat.

bottle macro


with flash
stamping macro

The last one is my favorite!! “Tortuga – yellow leaning green holo jelly base with a green-yellow-gold shift. Tortuga means turtle in Spanish.” This one is AWESOME! I have had it on my Cinderella hand for more than a week… by itself!! I never do that 🙂 So. Freaking. Pretty! I used 2 perfect coats with top coat for this baby. I forgot to take a single macro so I will update this when I do! This one has the strongest shift!!

bottle macro


with flash
stamping macro
stamping macro

So which one is your favorite? I love them all but Tortuga is just omg… Prices are $9 for the 15ml, $34 for the set. $5 for the 7ml minis, $18 for the set. Release day is March 16th at 9 am. Don’t miss them. Have a great weekend everyone 🙂


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